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Thu Jul 8 06:54:52 MDT 1999

From: Susan Correll <SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET>

> Hello all.  I'm new to the RUSHTALK arena, so forgive me if I rehash old
> topics.

Hello Ms. Susan Correll, welcome to the list. Bien venida a nuestro mundo
(that's "welcome to our world for all you non-Spnish speaking honkies)

> Why can't the democratic party understand that throwing money at a
> problem merely reinforces the behavior of lethargy.

They fully know it doesn't work - they thrive on it. As long as it doesn't work
they can continue to press for more money.

> Welfare recipients
> shouldn't work.  Why should they?  The government will support them, so why
> should they support themselves?

Exactly. As long as the governemnet provides the necessities of life, the
recipients NEED the governmemnt and will vote for those that supprt welfare
programs -> Democrats.

> I do believe that food stamps and medicaid
> is a necessity, but I feel it should be used for very short periods of
> time;  months, not years.

No Disagreement there.

>And, as much as I believed in workfare
> recently, I new believe that forcing lazy people to work only creates
> resentment.  They should be taught the value of a job well done, so that
> they WANT to work.  Like my parents taught me.

That's why the best way to do that would be cut off ALL assistance (to those w/o
kids/disabilites) It would force them to learn the virtues that most
conservatives were taught AND LEARNED.

Once again, welcome to the list. We're always on the lookout for cute women. :-)


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