William Smith

Wed Jul 7 19:45:32 MDT 1999

By now you have heard about William Smith.  He was the evil wack job
that spent this last weekend shooting at blacks, jews, and orientals.
Thankfully he killed himself saving Illinois and Indiana taxpayers
millions in costs to try this scum, and for the next 30 years worth of
appeals.  I've heard the last couple of days that he bought the gun from
what the media is calling an "unlicensed dealer."   They said first he
tried to buy a gun from a gun store and was turn down because of the
Brady law.  After being turned down there he went elsewhere to get his

Just wait for the liberals to start milking this tragedy for support for
gun control laws.  Nevermind this man bought his gun from a private
individual.  Nevermind that no matter what kind of laws they pass,
people like Smith will get a gun or find some other way to kill their

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