nanny cams

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Jul 7 20:09:49 MDT 1999

I am currently watching 20/20.  It is again showing the footage of the
Hispanic woman striking the small baby.   Can someone please explain to me,
how parents can suspect someone of abusing their child, but instead of
approaching the nanny, or simply firing her, they instead purchase a
camera, and film the woman until abuse actually happens???

Now, I know you all don't know this but I have 2 kids.  It would be a cold
day in hades, before I would endanger my kids with a suspicion.  That nanny
would be told of financial troubles or a sudden job change and would be
laid off.   Immediately!!

As a woman, and a former battered womens crisis counselor, we are told, if
your gut tells you that something's wrong, it probably is.

Sue - newbie

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