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At 07:29 PM 7/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello all.  I'm new to the RUSHTALK arena, so forgive me if I rehash
>old topics.
>In addition to Dennis' view, it has been said to give a man a fish,
>he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish..........  well
>you know the rest.  Why can't the democratic party understand that
>throwing money at a problem merely reinforces the behavior of
>lethargy.  Welfare recipients shouldn't work.  Why should they?  The
>government will support them, so why should they support themselves?
> I do believe that food stamps and medicaid is a necessity, but I
>feel it should be used for very short periods of time;  months, not
>years.    And, as much as I believed in workfare recently, I new
>believe that forcing lazy people to work only creates resentment.
>They should be taught the value of a job well done, so that they
>WANT to work.  Like my parents taught me.

Welcome to the list. I am looking forward to hearing some new

The answer to your question has been discussed at length here but
that was some time ago. It never hurts to review where we are coming
from especially when someone new joins the list.

The bottom line is that the people you are talking about constitute
the support base for the liberal  Democrat party and the only reason
the self-annointed leaders of certain minorities don't need to find
legitimate work. If there ever came a day when there were no
"oppressed" people for them to exploit they would be out of a job. If
the Democrats did not keep the poor in this country where they are
they would lose their voting base. The ecomony is good, unemployment
is at all time lows and they are worried about the erosion of that
base. There are no crises now so they have to invent problems, build
them into crises then come up with big government solutions. This is
what clinton is doing in the poverty areas of the south.

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