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Journalistic Bores and Media Whores?
July 5, 1999
by Robert Yoho

Now that President Clinton has been safely acquitted, Bob Woodward, the
famed reporter of Watergate, has recently published a new book, Shadow:
Five Presidents and the Shadow of Watergate.

If you believe the book, then Woodward was certainly privy to some
coveted inside information on Clinton and the Democrats--information
that could have driven another president from the Oval Office.  But if
he had this information in his possession, why would a celebrated
investigative journalist choose to sit on the story until now?

The answer is simple: the Bob Woodward of Watergate was driven by
ideology; the Woodward of today is still driven by ideology.  The same
man who hated the politics of Richard Nixon liked the politics of Bill

The vaunted Woodward and Bernstein investigation of Nixon had nothing to
do with principle, but everything to do with politics. Woodward's
unwillingness to thoroughly investigate and report the actions of the
current president shows his willingness to cheaply prostitute his name
and reputation for the sake of political ideology.

Given the man's contacts, Woodward could have easily broken the story
that we could only get from Michael Isikoff and Matt Drudge.

Yet now that the scandal is over and Clinton has escaped the penalties
of his perjury, Bob
Woodward is everywhere.  Strangely silent during the scandal, all
Woodward would say was that Whitewater did not reach the level of

Whether by intent or by accident, Woodward is seeking to minimize the
Clinton scandal by
making unfavorable comparisons to other presidents.  He is also trying
to protect his own legacy as the reporter who brought down a president.
While he is downplaying the Clinton scandal, Woodward is once again
seeking to elevate Watergate in the minds of the public.

It is as if the man is screaming,  "Look at me--Bob Woodward.  Remember
Remember All the President's Men!"

Moreover, there are already questions being raised about the accuracy of
his quotes and his
betrayal of confidential sources.  Even former President Bush has been
critical of the statements attributed to him.  And it is Woodward's
liberties with quotation marks that should lead to the revocation of his
"journalistic license."

As an investigative reporter, Woodward is little more than a used-up
"has-been," with a famous name and a desperate need to remain in the
spotlight.  In the person of Woodward, you have a media whore who
refused to take the stage during another presidential scandal, but now
that it is over, he wishes to be included in the final curtain call.

The most famous investigative reporter of this century chose to ignore
the greatest political
scandal of this century, but now he wants to rewrite history by
portraying himself as one of the lead reporters on the story.

The questionable actions of Woodward readily bring to mind another book
about the misdeeds of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Joe Klein, the author of Primary Colors, was a Newsweek reporter who
covered the 1992 Clinton campaign for president.  Despite the fact that
the book was published as a work of fiction, many of the White House
insiders speculated about the book's author and the apparent accuracy
about the inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Like Woodward, Klein was also a reporter.  Similarly, Klein refused to
accurately report the
unethical, immoral, and possibly criminal actions of the Clinton
campaign.  Instead, he chose to shield the story.

Both of these men could have fulfilled their constitutional
responsibility to inform the public--at the same time achieving a level
of fame and riches--through their timely reporting of the real William
Jefferson Clinton.

Instead of being the political watchdogs that our founding fathers had
in mind, these reporters have become the lapdogs of an administration
that is in alignment with their political ideology.

It is becoming apparently clear that the journalistic bores have become
little more than media whores.

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