Bubba in Hazzard

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jul 8 20:17:20 MDT 1999

But tell me something John,

What was the first thing the town or cities did after the Pearl shooting
and the Columbine shooting and all the others?

They went to church to pray.  Seems to me, if they'd pray a little every
day instead of a lot, one day a year, we'd be a lot better off.

This is Sue, climbing off her pulpit.  ;o)
> > Why can't the democratic party understand that throwing money at a
> >problem merely reinforces the behavior of lethargy.
>         They *WANT* that control over constituents! It's *NOT* about
> for there is nothing compassionate about keeping someone stupid by
> perpetually preventing them from doing for themselves. It's not about
> anything moral, for if it were, "Willie C" would be breaking rocks now.
> It's not about doing what the Bible says, for you cannot even breathe the
> word "Bible" in the "publik skule" system.
>         No, it's about *POWER*!

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