Let me run this by you all

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jul 8 20:29:42 MDT 1999

I hope I'm not jabbering on too much.  Let me know if I am.

Anyway, I happen (believe it or not) to work for the AIDS Division of the
State Department of Health.   Funny, eh?  Anyway, I ran across a piece of
literature today which was attempting to convince injection drug users (the
fastest growing segment of AIDS patients to date), to find an alternative
to injecting.  They suggested inhaling or some "other method" which I won't
go into here.

Can you believe this?   I don't suppose some mental giant ever thought of
locking these people up until they stop?  Believe me, I've read literature
on smoking and how it is harder to quit than heroin.  I'm not sure I
believe that, but quitting was pretty hard for me.  Yes, I was an addicted
smoker about 6 years ago.  But, I quit cold turkey.  No patch, no gum.
Just no more cigarettes.   Maybe those druggies out there should give that
a try.

Sue - still a newbie

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