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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Jul 8 21:43:46 MDT 1999

At 10:17 PM 7/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>But tell me something John,
>What was the first thing the town or cities did after the Pearl shooting
>and the Columbine shooting and all the others?
>They went to church to pray.

        *PRECISELY*!!!! Does this seem a mite hypocritical to anyone? It does to me!

> Seems to me, if they'd pray a little every day instead of a lot, one day
a year, > we'd be a lot better off.

        No two ways about it! And let me tell you, having been (and still am) a
youth athletics coach & manager (boys' baseball / girls'
softball)........while I am encouraged at hearing more of my players
mentioning "church" (as in attending), I was stunned at how many players
I've heard over the course of 7, or 8 seasons, mention that they'd never
seen the inside of any church at all. When I managed a boys 7& 8 year-old
league, we had a tradition of joining in a quick, but heartfelt prayer
prior to the first pitch of each game. I spent two years as coach and two
more as manager of the same team - we never had one parental complaint
about prayer in those four seasons. I know I left the team in good hands,
for my successor was an assistant who was very spiritually-driven.

>This is Sue, climbing off her pulpit.  ;o)

        Preach on, darlin'! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Doug know about
things mechanical. Am I right, Dougie?

John Q.
Amateur Coach & Mechanic

>> > Why can't the democratic party understand that throwing money at a
>> >problem merely reinforces the behavior of lethargy.
>>         They *WANT* that control over constituents! It's *NOT* about
>> for there is nothing compassionate about keeping someone stupid by
>> perpetually preventing them from doing for themselves. It's not about
>> anything moral, for if it were, "Willie C" would be breaking rocks now.
>> It's not about doing what the Bible says, for you cannot even breathe the
>> word "Bible" in the "publik skule" system.
>>         No, it's about *POWER*!

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