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--- Susan Correll <SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET> wrote:
> I hope I'm not jabbering on too much.  Let me know
> if I am.

You're not.

> Anyway, I happen (believe it or not) to work for the
> AIDS Division of the
> State Department of Health.   Funny, eh?  Anyway, I
> ran across a piece of
> literature today which was attempting to convince
> injection drug users (the
> fastest growing segment of AIDS patients to date),
> to find an alternative
> to injecting.  They suggested inhaling or some
> "other method" which I won't
> go into here.

I suppose these touchy-feely pointy heads think that "abstinance" makes
the heart grow founder. As to the "other method" I have often suggested
that particular method for my liberal friends respecting a large number
of things. Taxes? "Other method." Klintonstein? "Other method." NEA?
"Other method." Gun grabbing? "Other method." and so on.

> Can you believe this?   I don't suppose some mental
> giant ever thought of
> locking these people up until they stop?

Hey Susan, if the APA can turn PC and declare the perversion of human
sexual behavior (homosexuality) NOT an abnormal psychology after
decades and decades of treating it as such (with some success), why
can't the government moron anointeds follow suit respective to AIDS?
BTW, the exact same tactic used by homosexual activists (I will NOT
call them "gay") using APA to "normalize" the abnormal, was recently
attempted by the pedophiles of the nation.  It began with an articale
in the APA Journal, defending adult-child sex as just another
life-style, so long as all are consenting. Dr Laura Schlessinger spoke
about this one for days on her radio program, and helped to run these
bastards right of town. But we all saw that one coming miles and miles
away, didn't we?

> me, I've read literature
> on smoking and how it is harder to quit than heroin.
>  I'm not sure I
> believe that, but quitting was pretty hard for me.
> Yes, I was an addicted
> smoker about 6 years ago.  But, I quit cold turkey.
> No patch, no gum.
> Just no more cigarettes.

It IS hard.  I was a smoker too, and quit the exact same way you did.
I actually wanted smokes more than a year after quitting.

   Maybe those druggies out
> there should give that
> a try.

Liberalism is all about egoism and hedonism.  Gimmie gimmie gimmie
mine; if it feels good then do it; don't offer me work or any hard
decisions; let the rich pay for my indolence and my diseases....  So,
the chemical-heads will NEVER have to JUST QUIT.  Rather they will be
shown why white, prosperous, religious, males caused all their grief.
Personal responsibility and self-discipline have no places at
liberalism's self-absorbed table.

> Sue - still a newbie

Nope. Sorry, Susan. Newbie status on RushTalk is allowed for only 24
hours.  You are a regular now.  The gloves are already off, kiddo!

Better living through chemistry,

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