Thu Jul 8 22:19:11 MDT 1999

I just heard this on the Fox News Channel.  Bubba announced he is going
to impose a 9% import tax on sheep meat imported from Australia and New
Zealand.  The 9% tax applies to curent levels of imports.  If imports go
up above current levels the extra will be hit with a 40% tax.  The
Australians are of course upset.  Fox interviewed an Australian diplomat
who says Australian sheep ranchers aren't subsidized by the government.
He also said it wasn't fair to the Australian producers and isn't fair
to the American consumers who will pay more.  Fox also said Bubba also
wants to give American sheep producers $100 million.  He says this
program is only temporary and the extra tax and the money will end after
3 years.

This doesn't bother me since I don't eat (or do anything else with)
sheep.  It still gets me p****d.  If American sheep farmers can't make
it on their own then let them go bankrupt.

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