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Don’t Blame Clinton - Blame Government Schools
By Kathleen Flanagan

Far from failing in its intended task, our educational system is in fact
succeeding magnificently, because its aim is to keep the American people
thoughtless enough to go on supporting the system.
           -- Richard Mitchell

In the Washington Post, July 8, 1999, Laura Sessions Stepp reported on the
new “fad” of middle school students engaging in oral sex. A number of
articles since then have placed the blame for this trend directly on the
resident in the White House, i.e., if we just had a better role model for a
president, youngsters would not participate in this behavior. Although we
are sorely lacking in moral and ethical leadership, the blame should be
placed where it belongs: on the government-run school system.

Philip Rieff, in his book, Culture as a Determinant Behavior, stated the
primary method for “reorganizing” society: “Sex education becomes the main
weapon in an ideological war against the family: its aim was to divest the
parents of their moral authority.” (1)

When sex education was first introduced in the public school system, a June
1968 Reader’s Digest quoted SIECUS board member Lester Kirkendall:
Most people have the vague hope that it (sex education) will somehow cure
half of the world’s ills – reduce casual sex experience, cut down on
illegitimate births, eliminate venereal disease. To be perfectly blunt
about it, we have no way of knowing that sex education will solve any such
problems. (2)

John A. Stormer, in his book None Dare Call It Education, gives some
insight into how well sex education has worked in achieving the
above-stated “hopes” over the last two decades:

Despite mandated in-school sex-ed courses the percentage of unwed teenage
mothers continues to rise. Unwed teenagers accounted for 30% of all teenage
births in 1970. By 1990, 70% of teenage births were to unwed mothers and in
come cites the figure was a high as 90%. (1)

Beverly K. Eakman, in Educating for the New World Order, echoed these

Illegitimacy and venereal disease rates have gone nowhere but up since
explicit sex education became hyped as a course of study in its own right.
On June 24, 1990, the Washington Post ran a front-page story, “Failures
Seen in Education on ‘Safe Sex”.” The subtitle was AIDS Experts Worry As
Warnings Are Ignored.” No surprises here. This result is precisely what the
studies on the subject of explicit sex education foretold. What is
surprising is the recommendation. You guessed it: More explicit sex
education at still younger ages.

In a book published nearly a decade later, Eakman comments on the state of
“more explicit sex education at still younger ages”:

Going down to the elementary and secondary level, inappropriateness has
taken on new meaning. SIECUS’ executive director, Debra Haffner, promotes
in materials for elementary and secondary classrooms the idea that oral sex
and mutual masturbation are acceptable social outlets for children’s raging

As a consequence, we find such behavior as that which occurred in March
1997 at the District of Columbia’s Martha Winston Elementary School, where
a group of fourth-graders (ages 9-12) went into a room by themselves,
“disrobed and performed sexual acts on one another.”

These [sex education] programs generally come from Planned Parenthood or
SIECUS. The blatantly anti-parent, anti-morality SIECUS organization is
actually supposed to develop guidelines and suggests materials. Par for the
course is Executive Director Debra Haffner’s “Safe Sex and Teens”:

the “safest sex doesn’t necessarily mean no sex”, teenagers should be
taught how to perform behaviors that have no possibility of causing
pregnancy or sexually transmitted” such as “undressing each other,
masturbation in front of a partner, mutual masturbation, etc.” The
youngsters are expected to come up with their own lists of other sexually
stimulating activities. As a coup, SIECUS is charged with the task of
developing “training and certification standards for teaching sex education
in most public schools. (4)

SIECUS maintains that children should receive sex education from the moment
they enter kindergarten. The NEA “urges its members to support
control and family planning, diversity of culture, diversity of sexual of
sexual orientation, and the right to reproductive freedom.”

In Separating School and State, Sheldon Richman, commented:

The decline of the family is lamented by people of many political
How curious, then, that most intellectuals, whether statist-liberal
or conservative, still have not discovered the public school’s role in
subverting the family. No one among them advocates removing the state
entirely from education and turning the matter fully over to families.
Statist-liberals seek a still more intrusive state role, but so do most
conservative intellectuals, who push for national standards and a single
curriculum. Both sides are so imbued with the religion of the state that
they can find a solution to the education crisis only in government. (5)

The source of the pubescent oral sex problem is not President Clinton’s
reprehensible conduct and its influence on the behavior of children. It’s
the day-to-day instruction they receive in the public schools. Parents have
been deceived into believing that their children are receiving an
academically based education through government-run schools, whose true
agenda is no less than restructuring society for “human capital” in the new
world order. The dissolution of the family’s influence, specifically the
family’s religious values, is one of the goals. Sex education (the how to
do without moral restrictions) is but one of the tools in the
socalists’/globalists’ bag of tricks. As long as we continue to support the
government-run school system by sending our children to these centers for
indoctrination, we can only look forward to more of the same “fads.”

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