Sparky II Gets Bloody!!

Jose Rojas joserojas at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Jul 10 09:11:50 MDT 1999

Thats a damn shame. I almost feel bad. Aaawww shucks. Hope he didnt suffer,


I dont feel bad, I hope that moron suffered, ALOT. Good riddance.


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Subject: Sparky II Gets Bloody!!

> Well, the state of Florida has finally christened Sparky II, its
> replacement for their original electric chair.  Since the original Sparky
> was full of problems, Sparky II was thought to be state of the
> art...well, Sparky II had an auspicious beginning.  I apologize for not
> knowing the name of the gentleman who would be Sparky II's first
> customer, but when this individual was given the 2,700 volts of
> electricity and the necessary amps, observes witnessed blood flowing out
> underneath the mask, and one observer said that he saw a star burned into
> the guy's chest.  Although this was not a picture perfect death sentence,
> it did get the job done.
> Now the ACLU and other anti-death penalty groups are saying this was a
> cruel and unusual punishment.  Gee, I'd like for these same pinko commies
> liberals to ask the family of the pregnant mother and two daughters this
> man killed.  I'd be willing to bet the ACLU could care less about the
> victims of violent crime.  The ACLU and the anti-death penalty advocates
> should try living in some of the Mid-East countries, where you lose an
> arm for stealing or lose a .... for adultery.
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