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> I just heard this on the Fox News Channel.  Bubba announced he is going
> to impose a 9% import tax on sheep meat imported from Australia and New
> Zealand.  The 9% tax applies to curent levels of imports.  If imports go
> up above current levels the extra will be hit with a 40% tax.  The
> Australians are of course upset.  Fox interviewed an Australian diplomat
> who says Australian sheep ranchers aren't subsidized by the government.
> He also said it wasn't fair to the Australian producers and isn't fair
> to the American consumers who will pay more.  Fox also said Bubba also
> wants to give American sheep producers $100 million.  He says this
> program is only temporary and the extra tax and the money will end after
> 3 years.
> This doesn't bother me since I don't eat (or do anything else with)
> sheep.  It still gets me p****d.  If American sheep farmers can't make
> it on their own then let them go bankrupt.

Amen brother. I would include all subsidies and all areas of business. If you
can't make a living doing what you chose to do (sheep farming, whatever) then
maybe you should look at another form of income. I dislike subsidies, they are a
disease on the free market.


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