Let me run this by you all

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Jul 9 21:56:05 MDT 1999

Ok, here goes.  FIrst of all, I'm not so thin-skinned that I cannot take a
little verbal discussion or even argument.  That, kind sir, is why I'm
here.  I will not run away simply because we disagree.  If I were more
immature maybe, but I'm a little older than that. (ok, a lot older  ;o)

Now, heeeeeeeeere we go.

I read the article about Anne Paulk.  Interesting.   I know quite a few
gays and lesbians.  A nicer bunch of folks you couldn't find.  I don't
believe that through some quirk of their upbringing, all of them (and they
number over 100 that I know)  (AIDS Division, remember?)all of them "turned
gay".  It is my understanding that they consider themselves of two ilk.
There is one strain that was born gay and there is another strain that
decided to be gay after some heinous act, such as Ms Paulk's sexually
aggressive incident.

It also seems to me (this is COMPLETE speculation) that there are a great
number of lesbians that are now with women after an abusive straight
relationship.  Maybe gay men are born and gay women are made by stupid,
assinine, aggressive, abusive men. (yes, there's a little bitterness about
this subject)

We in Christian/Catholic society have members which convince themselves not
to be attracted to other members sexually.  We call them nuns and priests.
I suppose I could give up sex for religion also, if I so choose.  However,
I happen to enjoy men too much.  ;o)

Seriously, it seems to me that perhaps Ms Paulk merely convinced herself
that her sexual preference was wrong.  She didn't "convert" she conformed.


>         Miz Correll, I run the risk of enraging you to a white-hot fit of
> (but I do not do this intentionally, mind you) with the following
> information. Bear in mind that our very own Sherry Zbar was similarly
> angered and subsequently left the list. However, she and I remain on
> amicable terms, while she retained custody of a mutual wacky sense of
> humor. I am afforded visitation rights with the aforementioned humor, but
> supervised.     ;o)
>         Homosexuals are homosexual because of some quirk in their
up-bringing that
> leaves an imperceptable, but nearly indelible mark on their mental
> of social interaction. The falsehood is in stating they cannot be
> They *CAN*, indeed, be changed - not easily, but possible.

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