Don't Blame El Duque........

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Jul 10 00:34:48 MDT 1999

At 12:09 AM 7/10/99 -0400, Susan Correll wrote:

>Oh man.  As the mother of a 12 1/2 and an 8 year old, I'm scared, I'm
>really scared.  What do we do, move en masse to catholic schools?

        Why not?!? The school my kids attend is ranked in the top five in the
entire state of Pennsylvania, academically-speaking......

        Course, we do this and the guv'mint will simply send their thugs around to
muck up the Cath schools too.



>Don’t Blame Clinton - Blame Government Schools
>By Kathleen Flanagan

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