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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Jul 10 20:13:39 MDT 1999

At 01:13 PM 7/10/99 -0400, Susan Correll wrote:

>Ok John.  I'm not sure I understand your question. Jose asked me if my
>pencil was blue. I said, not blue, yellow.

        For the humor-challenged.......Amarillo must be a relevent word in
Spanish. There was also a major country hit in the mid-'70s, called
"Amarillo By Morning". I was a disc-jockey on a "heritage" (read "classic")
country radio station a decade later, although I cannot recall the name of
the artist, any longer.

>No, I'm not a country fan. Country and polkas. Can't handle them.

        For my 13 year radio career, I played everything (style-wise) but polkas.
And I *MIGHT'VE* played them, too, if the money was good. Like most genres
of music, there are good tunes and poor ones in country.

        Classic country songs are really short - generally under three minutes. It
was tough if one needed to relieve oneself during a five, or six hour
shift. Album rock, OTOH, was ideal. You could go jogging during "Stairway
To Heaven", if need be. ;o)

Just A Dick Clark Wannabe,

John Q.

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