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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sun Jul 11 21:43:31 MDT 1999

At 03:08 PM 7/11/99 -0700, Pam Charles wrote:
[major snippage:]

>Not that this is too much to the point here, but it reminds me of the
>time some Black folks asked the fabulous Black C&W singer, Charley
>Pride, why he didn't sing "our kind of music."  Charley looked 'em
>right in the eyes and said, "Country IS my kind of music."

        Charley was a really good one through the '70s - lot's of gold records and
big sellers. Additionally, like Conway Twitty, Charley was an avid baseball
fan and used to actually take batting practice with the Milwaukee Brewers
(his hometown team?!?). Twitty tried out with the Yankees and Phillies,
while Pride had tryouts with several other teams. There definitely was some
talent there.......

>Omigosh! I just realized that my initials are PC! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

        Alright, then........sing "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" backwards!

>Charlie Pam

Reaching For That High "C",

John Q.

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