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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sun Jul 11 22:06:05 MDT 1999

At 05:56 PM 7/11/99 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>If you turned on a radio or tv in the last couple of days you couldn't
>help but hear about the US women's team winning the world cup
> soccer match.

        Given the fact that several Chinese team members told the American press
that they were "out to embarrass America," I watched the final - seething
with anger!

>IMHO soccer is a sport favored by liberals.

        Good point, Jim. I concur, but I cannot figure out what their motivation is.

> They try to force soccer, like everything else they like on us.

        Don't look now, Jim, but they're succeeding bigtime! Loads of kids -
including my own son - have thrown over baseball for soccer. In my son's
case, he is neither fast enough, nor does he have enough stamina for the
game. He'd be an impact player by now, if he'd stuck to baseball. He's big
(5'0" & 115lbs) for an 11 year-old, very strong and has an outstanding and
accurate throwing arm (for distance).

>  Is it my imagination or are the liberals in the media having a
> collective orgasm over this?

        No, you are correct - good observation!

>One final note.  Bill Clinton was there watching the game. He was > there
for two reasons 1. lots of women 2. lots of women. I also heard > that he
paid a visit to both teams after the game in their locker rooms.  > Gee why
am I not surprised? Also I would be he was cheering for the > chinese team.

        He was interviewed at the half by some gushing info-babe from ABC
(America's Bill Channel) and I sat there, waiting for him to slip up and
admit he was rooting for China.

Awaiting A High, Hard One,

Babe Quayle

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