women's soccer

Mon Jul 12 09:27:00 MDT 1999

Stephen I always thought you were a closet commie now I know you must be
one.  I don't like soccer because the liberals do and they're trying to
force it on the rest of us.  Also the soccer enthusiasts are messing
with certain Vast Right Wing Conspiracies.  Jose what is to be done with
this soccer fanatic?

Stephen A. Frye wrote:
> After reading these posts I can't figure out exactly what it is that ticks
> people off.  is it the fact that so many people were excited by the game?
> Is it the fact that it was women who won?  Is it the fact that the United
> States won?  Is is because the game didn;t originate in the United States?
> I never realized in all the years I have been watching soccer that it had a
> political leaning.  I always watched it on its own merit.  I just never had
> any idea that one's political beliefs could be determined by the sports he
> or she likes.

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