women's soccer

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 12 15:14:01 MDT 1999

At 08:39 AM 7/12/99 -0700, Pam Charles wrote:

>I thinks Stephen makes some good points here. I am glad our ladies won,

        As am I..........

>especially againt the PRC. And while it is true that "soccer"
>(football everywhere but USA) did not originate in USA (I don't know
>where, exactly),

        Either in Spain, or Italy, I cannot recall.

> neither did baseball ("rounders" in England).

        Baseball is a darivation of both "rounders" and Crickett. Largely, though,
it's origin is "rounders". Most English conservatives *HATE* baseball *AND*
rounders. One lad mentioned to me that "the lassies play this 'sport' at
boarding school. The lads are off, playing football (soccer)."

>My hangup with sports is a general one. We spend way way too much
>making gods out of arrogant, pampered, over-paid, loud and borish jocks
>who are, 80 perecent of the time, filthy examples and role models for
>our kids.

        *EXCELLENT* point, Pamela! Take a bow.........

> You will NEVER see me wearing professional "Sports Aparrel"
>or slapping some goofy go-team-go bumper sticker on my family car.

        What about those "I love Stuart Scott" lifesize posters on your walls?
What does the hubster think?            ;o)

>Pam the Sportsbabe

John, the buckethead.......

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