Mon Jul 12 15:41:46 MDT 1999

I heard on the radio this morning that the NAACP is saying the four
major networks don't have enough black people starring in the shows they
have lined up for the fall.  They are threatening to sue the networks in
an attempt to make them put more blacks on the air.  Where do they get
off telling the networks how many people of what color they should put
on their shows?

They're advocating quotas.  They want to tell the producers of these
shows and the people at the networks "You busted your keesters to put a
show together that's good enough to go on one of the networks.  You
busted your buns going out there and gathering advertisers for the shows
you're putting on the air.  We want to tell you how to run your
network.  If you don't bend over and grab your ankles for us we're going
to sue you in federal court."

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