John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 12 17:46:32 MDT 1999

At 02:41 PM 7/12/99 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>I heard on the radio this morning that the NAACP is saying the four
>major networks don't have enough black people starring in the shows they
>have lined up for the fall. They are threatening to sue the networks in
>an attempt to make them put more blacks on the air.  Where do they get
>off telling the networks how many people of what color they should put
>on their shows?

        ABC, the All Bill Channel, had Qweisi M'fume ranting on about this fact
and I sat there and thought, "look, pal......don't like the shows, or their
content? Write one of your own. Otherwise, don't watch 'em!"

>They're advocating quotas. They want to tell the producers of these
>shows and the people at the networks "You busted your keesters to put a
>show together that's good enough to go on one of the networks. You
>busted your buns going out there and gathering advertisers for the shows
>you're putting on the air. We want to tell you how to run your
>network. If you don't bend over and grab your ankles for us we're going
>to sue you in federal court."

        Typical liberal thought process, but they are merely saber-rattling. Deep
down, they *KNOW* they cannot do this. It'd never fly in court.

John Q.

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