algore and his gun card

Tue Jul 13 16:53:40 MDT 1999

The vice perpatrator algore says if elected president; he will push for a
national id card for gun owners.  Think about this for a moment.  We know
the liberals would love to have all guns registered.  Put that together
with the gun owner id card and they'll have a record of all guns owned by
those who comply with the law.  If they have national registration of guns
they'll probably require you report anytime you sell a gun.  That way they
can keep the database updated.  They'll be able to know where most of the
guns are.  They'll be able to put your name in the computer and find out
what guns you own.  If they think you have too many guns they can find an
excuse to go out to your house with the BATF tanks and all to get your

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