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>'Tis better to be the wedger than the wedgee.
>For tightness, I am she

Not necessarily, Pam. I can't resist this while on the topic of
wedgies. It is my hope John won't delist me for going so far off

A man came into a doctor's office with a broken nose, blackened eye
and multiple facial contusions. He obviously was on the losing end of
a brutal attack.

Dr.: Where where you!?

Patient: In church.

Dr.: Church? How could this have happened in church?

Patient: Well, we were standing singing and I noticed the lady in
next pew had a wedgie. I think her name was Pam. I knew she didn't
want that there so I thought I would do her a favor and pull it out.
Well, was I ever wrong. You see the result.

Shaking his head the Dr. treated the man and sent him off to heal.

About 4 months later the man returned to the doctor in even worse
shape then before. Not only a rebroken nose and multiple contusions
but now two blacken eyes and a dislocated jaw.

Dr.: What in the world happened to you again? Don't tell me you were
beat up in church again by Pam?

Patient: I'm afraid so.

Dr.: Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?

Patient: Well, I thought so. Again we where standing and singing when
I noticed Pam was ahead of me again. This time she didn't have a
wedgie and I knew she really wanted one ........

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