My two cents...(re broads and soccer)

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 13 22:24:00 MDT 1999

--- Doug Bergner <doug at NETWRX.NET> wrote:
> you wrote:
> > This is a silly thread.  It truly is.
> First off sue, follow the thread a little more
> closely...steve didnt write
> this  I did.
> I agree this thread is assinine, as is soccer.
> Steve (as good a guy as he
> is would never write anything like this) I however,
> could give a rats ass
> in a rain storm.

I know this is wandering a bit off topic, but does anyone know if the
fair market value for rain storm rat ass is appreciably different from,
say, Desert Storm rat ass, or snow storm rat ass, or typhoon rat ass?
Is the rat ass market volitile or stable since the last round of
bubonic plague, and is Hillary messing around in rat ass futures  ...
and does she carry a carving knife?  If rat ass stocks split, is the
stock then called rat cheeks, or is that just a nasty crack? If a
broker is Ivy League eduacted, is he or she a smart ass? And lastly, if
one DOES give a rain storm rat ass (or some other NYSE sanctioned form
of the rodentiaglueteusmaximi) is it liable to taxes by those horses
asses at the IRS?

Charmin'ly Pam
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