Title IX

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Jul 14 16:25:29 MDT 1999

> >I know that colleges are forced to eliminate boys programs  in order to
> >initiate girls programs. But how are the girls supposed to participate
> >there are no programs, or poorly financed programs?  Yes, I realize that
> >my beloved PSU would not be able to afford much of what they have if it
> >wasn't for Joe Pa's team.
>         You speak JoPa?!?

I haven't graduated yet, but yup, I'm a PSU girl.
Go Lions.

> >As I've said before, I have 2 daughters. I would hope that there is
> >enough to allow them to choose a school that has a basketball program
> >my daughter. She plays in a borough league, and she's pretty good. She's
> >tall, and it would be a good way for her to get into college. Is that
> >much to ask?
>         Not at all.......but you can also rent them out on the weekends,
to raise
> even more dough.        ;o)

That's the boyfriend's idea, maybe there's something to it.  White slavery?

> Okay, that was a joke.......got two daughters of my own (and a son, as

> > I don't want anyone to give me anything, but, I would like
> >opportunities to be available, when my girls are ready for them.
>         Make *SURE* that you *DON'T* stick that hand out to omnipotent
> for the hand that delivers whatever you desire, can also be the hand that
> takes away everything that you have.

The ONLY thing I stick my hand out for, is my paycheck at the end of the
week; which I've earned.  Course, my check comes from the guv'mint, but
that's another story  ;o)

Sue- "good enuff 4 go'mnt werk"

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