The stupidest people on earth.

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Jul 14 20:15:20 MDT 1999

LOL,  we get that here in Pennsylvania too.   Live near a river, everytime
there's a flood, some yahoo has to go watch.  A few years back, we had a
real bad one in January.  They actually has to get on the boob tube and
tell people to stay away!!  Personally, I wanted to also go to the river.
Not to watch the flood waters, but to watch the idiots washed away by the
flood waters.  Maybe Arizona people are stupid, but Pennsy isn't too far
behind.  ;o)

> It seems Arizona has some of the stupidest people on earth.  Today we
> had heavy rains most of the day in Phoenix.  Four people got themselves
> stuck in a running wash.  Most wash crossings have a sign saying don't
> cross if flooded.  These morons ignore the signs then the search and
> rescue people have to put themselves at risk to retrieve these morons.
> Barry Young, a host at KFYI has been on a rant lately about how much he
> doesn't like people from the midwest and California.  He blames them for
> messing up Arizona.  Today he said "you people in California don't worry
> about those signs.  Go right on in."

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