Hate Speech......

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Jul 14 20:31:04 MDT 1999

        [*WHERE* is the Clinton Administration on *THIS* one?!? - JAQ]

Ending Minimum Wage Worse Than Ethnic Cleansing?

        Congressman Major Owens (D-NY) "might have set a new low for
demagoguery," says the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

        The moment came during an April 22 congressional hearing on increasing
the minimum wage. Congressman Owens declared: "The only thing we can do in
America that is worse than ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia is to abolish the
minimum wage."

        The chairman of the committee pointed out, in graphic terms, what
"ethnic cleansing" has meant to citizens in Kosovo and Tibet, and then gave
Rep. Owens a chance to withdraw his remarks, saying, "I think we can all
agree that if you're being ethnically cleansed, there is nothing worse than

   "That's *your* opinion!" Rep. Owens shot back.

   (Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute newsletter, "CEI UpDate")

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