Who reads what

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I knew you were. That's why I wrote.


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>Subject: Who reads what
>Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 10:39:36 -0700
>At 09:00 AM 7/14/99 PDT, you wrote:
> >Sue and Steve:
> >
> >I've been steady deleting all messages relating to soccer lately and
> >have been many. I don't know why I didn't delete this one except to say
> >was because it was from Sue.
> >
> >I've been deleting them because I feel that there are too many things
> >on in this world that are a LOT more important than soccer and I just
> >have the energy to argue with ANYBODY over a GAME.
> >
> >This will be my first, and my last post on the subject.
>Thank you for letting us know.  I was definitely concerned.

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