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This is for Steve, too. Sorry if I seemed to be somewhat hard about the
discussion. I'm constantly sitting here with piles and piles of clippings
about things I need to cover somewhere. I write and write, and the piles
just get bigger until I go through them and get rid of the ones that are too
old to be relevant.

I've only got so many hours in the day I can devote to this. I thought when
I got on the Internet I would be able to get to more peoople because I don't
have to pay for paper and printing, as well as postage to get things to
people so I wouldn't have to charge a subscription fee. But no matter how
much I cover, the piles just keep getting bigger (and that's not a personal
problem either).

So I guess it just "got to me."

You wrote:
>Why don't you all explain to me why the feds see it necessary to spend this
>surplus they "claim" to have.  How is it, just a few short years ago, we
>were trillions in the hole, and now we have all this surplus.  You know,
>when I find a surplus in my checking account, I chalk it up to math errors,
>and I'm usually right.

First of all, we don't have a surplus. That is a fiction they "whomped up"
by including the current Social Security money in the General Fund when
doing the figures. Without that money (which is already spoken for, and more
besides) we'd still have a deficit.

Why do they find it necessary to spend it? Surely you know the answer to
that. Being able to spend other people's money is the source of power for
all power seekers. It doesn't have to be REAL money, people only have to
believe it is real. That's how subjectivists work. "Perception" is all.

We're still trillions in the hole. We've spent four trillion on "helping the
poor" and the numbers of poor are still rising. But no one will acknowledge

Oh well.

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