Hate Speech......

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jul 15 16:13:24 MDT 1999

You know, I was born in upstate New York, reading that this guy is from New
York, wow, I may never admit that again.  I can't believe the people of
this state elected him.  I wonder what other pearls he's come up with.

>         Congressman Major Owens (D-NY) "might have set a new low for
> demagoguery," says the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
>         The moment came during an April 22 congressional hearing on
> the minimum wage. Congressman Owens declared: "The only thing we can do
> America that is worse than ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia is to abolish
> minimum wage."
>         The chairman of the committee pointed out, in graphic terms, what
> "ethnic cleansing" has meant to citizens in Kosovo and Tibet, and then
> Rep. Owens a chance to withdraw his remarks, saying, "I think we can all
> agree that if you're being ethnically cleansed, there is nothing worse
> that."
>    "That's *your* opinion!" Rep. Owens shot back.
>    (Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute newsletter, "CEI UpDate")

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