Witchcraft Si! Christians No!

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Fri Jul 16 12:08:35 MDT 1999

At 03:39 AM 7/16/99 -0400, Pam Charles wrote:

Remember, Pamela:

        One *MUST* be "PC" these days to get the attention of the "fighting men" -
as it were. Note these "alternatives" as listed below.....

>Sorry, I almost never send stuff I don't write myself. But this is so
>demoralizing I can't stand it. We are thinking about writing to both
>the lieutenant victim (to offer support), and the sychophant careerist
>bootlick "colonel. (to tell him what a horse's ass he is."

        The term is "equestrian rectal orifice".......

>It's time to stop this tide of bullshit.

        This one is "bovine scatology"......

Write those letters........I'm *MAD*, too!

For Linguistics,


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