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Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Jul 16 21:40:41 MDT 1999

Aren't we all subject to this sort of crap?   I work for the state
government.  I have seen actual memos come thru from our EEO stating that
"In regards to that opening you have in your office, you seem to be under
represented in APIs/AA/Latinos.  We suggest that you investigate the
possibility.....blah blah blah"

I am a white female.  In the 80's I was hired by the DOD because they
didn't have enough women working for them.   Now, I see people passed over
because they're the wrong color.

(snip aruny)

> Michelle Malkin
> Seattle Times
> July 13, 1999
> I AM not a brown jelly bean.
> I am more than my skin color. I am more than my parents' homeland. I am
> more than the bean-counters' box on a job application. For better or
> worse, I want readers to know me for my ideas, ideology and
> idiosyncrasies - not for my Filipino heritage.

We have a varied compliment.  Several blacks, many whites, several asians.
  But because we don't have any hispanics, we need to "look at this
situation".   Well, perhaps there aren't any Hispanics qualified to work in
this particular area?   I truly am sick of the quotas.  I think it's great
to be proud of your heritage, my german ancestors worked very hard to make
a go of it here.  But I truly do not understand why people believe the
government should give minorities a hand in making it work.  Personally, I
feel infinately more proud of myself when I do it alone.

I know the Democrats want to hold people down.  Is this just another chance
for them?

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