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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Jul 17 00:10:13 MDT 1999

At 11:40 PM 7/16/99 -0400, Susan Correll wrote:

>Aren't we all subject to this sort of crap?

        Yes, indeedy-doo!

> I work for the state government. I have seen actual memos come thru from
> our EEO stating that "In regards to that opening you have in your office,
you > seem to be under represented in APIs/AA/Latinos. We suggest that you
> investigate the possibility.....blah blah blah"

        Do what Tom Ridge does......laugh at it. What?!? Do you think Ridge paid
any attention to that kind of stuff - either as a Congressman, or now, as
governor? Yeah, right.......

>I am a white female. In the 80's I was hired by the DOD because they
>didn't have enough women working for them. Now, I see people passed
> over because they're the wrong color.

        A) People don't come with a warranty.....(and)
        B) It's not like buying a Chevy - to wit, you cannot say, "let me see that
model in a minority tone.

>  But because we don't have any hispanics, we need to "look at this
>situation". Well, perhaps there aren't any Hispanics qualified to work in
>this particular area? I truly am sick of the quotas.

        And me, as well. It's a gross insult. It tells the affected minority
member, "here.......you poor, stupid fool.......God hurt you by giving you
this skin tone, so we're gonna even things up by automatically giving you
this job that you can have forever - no matter what....."

> I think it's great to be proud of your heritage, my german ancestors
worked > very hard to make a go of it here. But I truly do not understand
why people > believe the government should give minorities a hand in making
it work.
> Personally, I feel infinately more proud of myself when I do it alone.

        Likewise......my grandparents denied their ancestry, since they were
olive-skinned Italians and the automatic assumption was "mafia". Employers
didn't hire you, if they thought you'd bring trouble.........

>I know the Democrats want to hold people down. Is this just another chance
>for them?

        No question - look at what Martin Luther King, Junior actually did say, "I
have a dream.........a dream that one day, my children will be judged by
the quality of their character and *NOT* by the color of their skin."

        If King were alive today, he'd be deeply ashamed of fruitcakes like Carol
Mosely-Braun, Maxine Waters, Major Owens, Qwisi M'fume, and even his own
cousin, Jesse Jackson. They want you to think you are helpless without

John Q.


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