Mounting My Soapbox

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Jul 17 12:39:58 MDT 1999

At 09:03 AM 7/17/99 PDT, Ray Thomas wrote:
>Sorry to disagree, but I'd say Rush is the one with the "whip hand." His
>show makes so much money for whoever distributes it that I don't think
>they'd dare to do ANYTHING that might upset the applecart.

        That's apparent to either of us, but I've seen media from an insider's
perspective and can say without a doubt that media management doesn't view
things in a common sense observation.

        As an example, let's use 1974, while working (as "Jeff
Christie") for KQV-AM (in Pittsburgh), Limbaugh won the very prestigious
"Marconi Award" for being the nation's top night-time personality in top-40
radio. This was truly an opportunity for KQV to move some spots during his
timeslot and make a wad of cash. His percentage of the total listenership
(all listeners, aged 12 and older) was not quite double-digit, but in his
target demographic (18 - 34), Rush *OWNED* Pittsburgh.

        Rush was awarded the honor in the Spring. In mid-summer, ABC sold KQV to
Taft Media. By Hallowe'en, Taft had fired Limbaugh, telling him he "had no
future in the industry". Rush had just won national acclaim, had massive
local appeal and "had no future in the industry"?!? Dennis lived in
Pittsburgh during this time period. Dennis, do you recall this?

> And just because they distribute the show doesn't mean he is their
> employee.

        Au is an animal all to its own. Trust me, Limbaugh
works for *THEM*..........

>I don't agree with all of Rush's opinions, but I've never caught him in a
>lie and I believe all the opinions he holds are his own. Sometimes he goes
>overboard in his support of the Republicans, but that only reveals his
>mindset that "splinter parties" rarely topple larger parties, Republicans
>and Whigs notwithstanding.

        For the most part, Rush is correct........splintering anything doesn't
make for a stronger unit........just a bunch of little pieces. The Birchers
even make it a point to make this clear to their membership and Rush (in
the past) has belittled the JBS.

>If he is doing that, it is his mistake, not on orders from anybody.

        Again, maybe so, but perhaps not. I saw a wealth of monumental stupidity
during my tenure in that business. Management has means of "enforcement"
that you have yet to even dream about. It can be an "intoxicating" work
experience. OTOH, it can also drive you to intoxication, as well.


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