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This is not something I feel strongly about, but I feel called upon to point
out a few things:

>As an example, let's use 1974, while working (as "Jeff
>Christie") for KQV-AM (in Pittsburgh), Limbaugh won the very prestigious
>"Marconi Award" for being the nation's top night-time personality in top-40
>radio. This was truly an opportunity for KQV to move some spots during his
>timeslot and make a wad of cash. His percentage of the total listenership
>(all listeners, aged 12 and older) was not quite double-digit, but in his
>target demographic (18 - 34), Rush *OWNED* Pittsburgh. Rush was awarded the
>honor in the Spring. In mid-summer, ABC sold KQV to Taft Media. By
>Hallowe'en, Taft had fired Limbaugh, telling him he "had no future in the
>industry". Rush had just won national acclaim, had massive local appeal and
>"had no future in the industry"?!?

In today's case, Rush isn't a "small-time employee" of a local radio
station. He is now the owner of a multi-million dollar industry and Jacor
cannot "fire him" as the earlier outfit did when new owners came in and made
a stupid decision. We're talking about MILLIONS here, and Jacor wouldn't
want to destroy it. If Jacor gave him a hard time, I'm sure he has
provisions in his contract to "opt out" if they tried to mess with the
content. What I am saying is that he now has clout that he didn't have then.

By the way: does anybody know where the guy who told him he had no future in
the industry is today?

>For the most part, Rush is correct........splintering anything doesn't make
>for a stronger unit........just a bunch of little pieces. The Birchers even
>make it a point to make this clear to their membership and Rush (in >the
>past) has belittled the JBS.

Again, this is a "different time" from what pertained to the situation when
the Republicans bounced the Whigs. Which means Rush is probably right in
this situation. He belittles the Birchers, and he belittles Ayn Rand and
Objectivism while spouting Objectivist maxims every day in his program. I
believe he belittles Objectivism for the same reason many people belittle
him: he knows very little about it and is going by what others have told

Oh well. Either one of us could be right, and it's not something important
enough to argue about, since we can't do anything about it in either case.
Guess we just sit back and watch. I just find it hard to believe that
Limbaugh would allow ANYBODY to dictate his program content. I could be

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