The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety Act of 1999

Ray Thomas raythomas101 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 19 09:40:43 MDT 1999


What will be in it are measures to further limit our rights, whether or not
those measures will do anything toward keeping arrogant people who don't
think the rules are for them from flying airplanes with too little

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>From: Jack Tomsky <jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM>
>Reply-To: Open discussion of current events <RUSHTALK at>
>Subject: The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety Act of 1999
>Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 22:09:59 -0700
>    Based on Clinton's history of exploiting tragedies for political
>purposes, I'm sure he'll be proposing The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety
>Act of 1999.  I don't have any idea what would be in it, but someone
>must be blamed for this, even if they're not responsible.
>    Jack

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