The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety Act of 1999

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 19 10:23:02 MDT 1999

At 10:09 PM 7/18/99 -0700, Jack Tomsky wrote:

>   Based on Clinton's history of exploiting tragedies for political
>purposes, I'm sure he'll be proposing The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety
>Act of 1999. I don't have any idea what would be in it, but someone
>must be blamed for this, even if they're not responsible.

        You can bet the house, the bank account, the car and whatever else there
is, on Clinton demagogging this into strangulating regulation on small
aircraft. Expect him to verbally accost Piper Aircraft, too.

John Q.

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