"Top ten hillary Klinton screen names

Carl William Spitzer carlwilliamspitzeriv at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 15 12:26:25 MDT 1999

>>From the July 9 Late Show with David Letterman, the "Top
Ten Hillary Clinton Internet Screen Names." Copyright 1999 by
Worldwide Pants, Inc.

10. Soon2BeSingle
9. NoDNAHere
8. CarpetBagger99
7. 2Powerful2Go2Jail
6. BiteMeTipper
5. Mad at bill.com
4. Good at lying.com
3. RudySux
1. Secrets2China

    From the Late Show Web page, some of "the extra jokes that
didn't quite make it into the Top Ten." Letterman's Web address
with a complete Top Ten archive: http://marketing.cbs.com/lateshow

-- BillChiller
-- KillStarr
-- BubbaLuvr
-- Sleepsalone
-- FakeNewYorker
-- WhereDaFiles

    Just like with CBS News, a mention of Filegate didn't quite
make it onto the air. -- Brent Baker

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