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Carl William Spitzer carlwilliamspitzeriv at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 15 12:43:24 MDT 1999

Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM>The bottom line is that the people you
are talking about constitute the support base for the liberal  Democrat
party and the only reason the self-annointed leaders of certain
minorities don't need to find legitimate work. If there ever came a day
when there were no "oppressed" people for them to exploit they would be
out of a job. If the Democrats did not keep the poor in this country
where they are they would lose their voting base. The ecomony is good,
unemployment is at all time lows and they are worried about the erosion
of that base. There are no crises now so they have to invent problems,
build them into crises then come up with big government solutions. This
is what clinton is doing in the poverty areas of the south.
The dummycrats have always used slaves and the poor to maintain their
standard of living, off the tax payer.  The only difference in the last
139 years is that they have found a way to create more poor and enslave
them while making the whole country to pay for their upkeep.

Carl William Spitzer IV
Single Straight Christian Conservative American Male.

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