WS>>Clinton Administration Keeps Computer Database of ProLife Leaders

Carl William Spitzer carlwilliamspitzeriv at JUNO.COM
Thu Jul 15 12:22:33 MDT 1999

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     Source: Judicial Watch

          Washington, -- Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Infor-
     mation  Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Clinton  Justice  De-
     partment  and FBI on July 9, 1999 to uncover documents on  a
     Justice Department/FBI database on pro-life leaders -- which
     is  called  VAAPCON.   Judicial  Watch  requested  documents
     related  to  this database back in March,  but  the  Clinton
     Administration has yet to produce one single document,  even
     while admitting "voluminous" documents exist.

          Judicial Watch was anonymously informed of the  databa-
     se's  existence.  Judicial Watch understands that the  data-
     base  was  created,  using abortion clinic  violence  as  an
     excuse, over the objections of some in the FBI, but that the
     upper  levels of the Clinton Justice Department ordered  its
     creation anyway.  Specifically, some were concerned that the
     database violated the FBI's own rules and regulations relat-
     ed to keeping data on American citizens.  Judicial Watch has
     information that the database contains biographical informa-
     tion on well known pro-life leaders.

          "The  Clinton Administration has used and continues  to
     use  the  FBI as a political weapon  against  its  perceived
     adversaries,"  stated  Larry Klayman, Chairman  and  General
     Counsel  of  Judicial Watch.  "Now we  understand  that  the
     Clinton  Administration is keeping a FBI database on  promi-
     nent Americans and other citizens who happen to be active in
     the  pro-life movement and who believe it is wrong  to  kill
     unborn children."

     For  more information, contact: Tom Fitton  (202)  646-5172.

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                    GOD save America from herself
     We the  American gun owners are also pro life OURS.  Perhaps
     we should sign this article  and pass  it along  to congress
     and the whitehouse  and request that we too  be entered into
     the database.       Carl William Spitzer <CWSIV at BIGFOOT.COM>

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