The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety Act of 1999

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Jul 19 21:17:10 MDT 1999

These are exact headlines I pulled from

"Kennedy Plane Made Faster Descent Than Thought"
By Tony Munroe

(No, I thought that crashing planes went down very very slowly.)

Other "intelligent" headlines:

"JFK Jr. Presumed Dead, Searchers Seek Clues"

(I guess folks need clues nowadays when someone's dead.  Years ago when
they stopped breathing, they were dead.  Frankly, if someone crashes into
the ocean at 110 miles per second, I would think they were shark bait, but
that's just me.)

"Coast Guard:  JFK Jr., Others Likely Dead."

This is my personal favorite.  Now, my great grandparents are dead, my
grandfather is dead, Mother Theresa is dead.  Even Princess Di, is "still"
dead.   Yes, I believe, indeed, Others are likely Dead.

Sue- searching out stupid reporters everywhere

Act of 1999
> Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 8:58 PM
> Jack Said:
> >   Based on Clinton's history of exploiting tragedies for political
> >purposes, I'm sure he'll be proposing The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety
> >Act of 1999.  I don't have any idea what would be in it, but someone
> >must be blamed for this, even if they're not responsible.
> >
> >   Jack
> >
> No, ESPECIALLY if they are not responsible!

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