The John Kennedy Jr. Air Safety Act of 1999

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 19 21:53:24 MDT 1999

At 11:17 PM 7/19/99 -0400, Susan Correll wrote:

>These are exact headlines I pulled from
>"Kennedy Plane Made Faster Descent Than Thought"
>By Tony Munroe

        This was a no-brainer, since he was picked up on radar and by the time the
line went by his prior location, he was "gone" - right off the scope. That
is very fast! Doug, how long does it take for that scope to make one full

>(No, I thought that crashing planes went down very very slowly.)

        Only if you've just sucked up a lungful of Helium...... ;o)

>Other "intelligent" headlines:
>"JFK Jr. Presumed Dead, Searchers Seek Clues"

        Clues to what?!? Confirm that he *IS* dead, or clues as to how he became

>(I guess folks need clues nowadays when someone's dead. Years ago
> when they stopped breathing, they were dead. Frankly, if someone
> crashes into the ocean at 110 miles per second, I would think they were
> shark bait, but that's just me.)

        Well, it certainly put an end to Roberto Clemente (who *REALLY* had talent
on loan from God.), so a mere mortal - like John-John - never stood a chance.

>"Coast Guard:  JFK Jr., Others Likely Dead."
>This is my personal favorite. Now, my great grandparents are dead, my
>grandfather is dead, Mother Theresa is dead. Even Princess Di, is "still"
>dead. Yes, I believe, indeed, Others are likely Dead.

        Try this ploy, if the IRS comes a-callin'........

>Sue- searching out stupid reporters everywhere

        Sue, it's the publik skule sistum. Trust me......

John Q.

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