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Tue Jul 20 16:19:07 MDT 1999

welcome Dennis.  Hope you enjoy the ride!


From: Dennis Putnam, Jr. <dput at BELLSOUTH.NET>
To: RUSHTALK at hermes.csd.net
Subject: Hello
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 1999 12:20 PM

Greetings everybody.  I'm new to the list (well actually I was on this list
a couple of years ago) and just wanted to introduce myself.  Most of you
probably know my dad Dennis Putnam.  Although we share many of the same
views I'm sure we won't agree on every subject.  After all I am an
independent thinker. Anyway I look forward to contibuting and sparking
intelligent debate.  One word of warning though.  I am a horrable speller.
You will  have to forgive me.  I am the product of the public school system
and didn't learn to spell phoneticly.  I guess my parents should have
bought me hooked on phonics (did they even have that back then?)  I am a
firm believer that phonics is the way to go and that every school in
America should teach it.

Dennis Putnam, Jr.

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