You Be The Judge

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Jul 20 21:14:39 MDT 1999

Well Dennis, this is from whence I come.   I feel that a couple that is
truly united in holy matrimony in the eyes of God, spend their days in each
others company.  When the good Lord takes them from this earth, they are
again reunited in Heaven.  The carbon matter that remains, is empty.  This
is why I now do not visit my dear mother's grave, because she resides in my
heart, not in the earth.   The Arlington Cemetery is a finite section of
land.  Shouldn't we reserve this land for our future veterans?  I'm not
trying to be nasty, but if my husband was buried there, I wouldn't have a
problem with my body being placed elsewhere.  I'm sure I wouldn't even

Not to mention the fact that recent (and previous I'm sure) politicians
have been selling plots in this cemetery to non-veterans.  That just ticks
me off to no end.

Sue-loftily thinking of the end


> I don't think it is inappropriate nor undesirable for veterans to
> want to be buried with their wives. The rest of the family I agree,
> but for husband and wife to be buried together is not too much for
> our veterans to ask or expect.

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