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Dennis (Jr):

Welcome. I'm a good speller and still manage to misspel things from time to
time. There are others on the list who aren't great spellers, either.

I was a good speller because I knew at the age of 7 what I wanted to do with
my life (sign painter) and knew I would need to know how to spell.
Unfortunately I wasn't so wise when it came to math, and was a lousy math
student. But my dad, who didn't even finish 8th grade, had a book he had
used to supplement his math skills when HE realized that he would need a lot
more math than he had. It was called: "Math Simplified." I got it, read it,
and now have math skills far superior to many of today's high school

This book was part of a "Simplified" series I think is still published, and
I'm sure they have one called: "Spelling Simplified," which can probably
help you to improve your spelling skills. It can probably be obtained at any
library or, if you want your own copy, you can get the publisher information
out of the book at the library and they'll tell you where. You could also
check in large bookstores such as Waldenbooks, which have a large enough
stock to carry it.

Failing that, if your email program has a "Spell Check," use it on every

Another sneaky trick would be to keep a blank Microsoft Word (or other WP
program) file open and do all your email text in it, run the spell check
there, then copy & paste it into the email form. Microsoft Word does
spelling and syntax checks as you type and will catch most errors unless it
doesn't recognize them as errors. It puts a little red jagged line under the
misspelled word. You right-click on that and it will present you with
alternatives, and the proper spelling of your word will usually be on top.
Just left-click that and the correction will be made.

I notice you don't do one of the things that iritates me a lot: refusing to
capitalize where you should. I wish others would do that. Maybe it's me, but
a message in all lower case OR in all caps gives me a "negative" feeling and
is more difficult to read.

At any rate, I'm glad you realize your shortcomings and want to do something
about it. By the way: it's not too late to get and use "Hooked on Phonics."
I understand it's a fun game. If you have children you could play it
together and BOTH become better spellers. I'm thinking about getting it for
my grandchildren.

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>From: "Dennis Putnam, Jr." <dput at BELLSOUTH.NET>
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>Subject: Hello
>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 09:20:17 -0700
>Greetings everybody.  I'm new to the list (well actually I was on this list
>a couple of years ago) and just wanted to introduce myself.  Most of you
>probably know my dad Dennis Putnam.  Although we share many of the same
>views I'm sure we won't agree on every subject.  After all I am an
>independent thinker. Anyway I look forward to contibuting and sparking
>intelligent debate.  One word of warning though.  I am a horrable speller.
>You will  have to forgive me.  I am the product of the public school system
>and didn't learn to spell phoneticly.  I guess my parents should have
>bought me hooked on phonics (did they even have that back then?)  I am a
>firm believer that phonics is the way to go and that every school in
>America should teach it.
>Dennis Putnam, Jr.

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