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>Well Dennis, this is from whence I come.   I feel that a couple that
>is truly united in holy matrimony in the eyes of God, spend their
>days in each others company.  When the good Lord takes them from
>this earth, they are again reunited in Heaven.  The carbon matter
>that remains, is empty.  This is why I now do not visit my dear
>mother's grave, because she resides in my heart, not in the earth.
>The Arlington Cemetery is a finite section of land.  Shouldn't we
>reserve this land for our future veterans?  I'm not trying to be
>nasty, but if my husband was buried there, I wouldn't have a problem
>with my body being placed elsewhere.  I'm sure I wouldn't even
>Not to mention the fact that recent (and previous I'm sure)
>politicians have been selling plots in this cemetery to
>non-veterans.  That just ticks me off to no end.
>Sue-loftily thinking of the end

I still maintain that it should be the veteran that decides. Not all
think like you in that some take comfort in being buried along with
their life long mate. We do so little for our veterans as it is and
we owe them so much I hardly think it right to deny them this last

Obviously this does not solve the problem of running out of space at
Arlington and all the other national cemeteries around the country. I
would think it makes sense to build a huge vault at each one and, for
those whose religion does not prohibit it require that only creamated
remains can be inturred. At the same time remove the silver star or
higher restriction for eligibility and prohibit non-military, other
then spouses from being inturred. Then I would suggest that donations
be requested to aquire additional or expand national cemeteries and a
tax for same imposed on all draft-dodging, scumbag presidents,
drunken big spending senators, congress persons and Hollywood
residents that don't know what is in the Consitution and all
self-anointed leaders of phoney causes. These are all the people that
are an affront to those that served to protect the very rights this
bunch want to eliminate. Let them pay dearly for that priviledge.

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