Daniel Bobke dbobke at HOME.COM
Thu Jul 22 13:23:09 MDT 1999

I am sitting here physically sickened by the JFK, Jr. fiasco.  To see this man and his wife and sister-in-law given a full MILITARY funeral within 24 hours of the recovery of their bodies makes me ill.

My brother serves in the Marine Corps, my father served in the Air Force in WWII, and I have friends in the military.  To give Kennedy and his family a full military funeral is demeaning to all those that put their lives on the line on a daily basis for our country.  This guy never set foot on a military base as far as I know.  Rush made a good point today - how many of us know the names of the two soldiers killed in Kosovo recently?  Where is the concern for the important things in the media?

I am ill.  The outright worship of the Kennedys is telling of the sorry shape our society is in...


Dan Bobke
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