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JohnV johnv at STLNET.COM
Thu Jul 22 19:41:58 MDT 1999

>It is also amazing how fast this all came together.  By Rush's reporting,
>JFK's body was pulled out at 2 AM and the women's bodies were found >later in
>the day.  Those bodies were removed, identified, autopsied, and >cremated in
>a matter of a few hours - amazing to say the least.

Just a guess, but I'd guess that after being on the bottom of the sea for almost seven days & nights, there wasn't a helluva lot left to identify; let alone enough to perform any sort of autopsy.

A question for any lawyer out there ---

If an examination of the wreckage points to pilot error [which seems clearly the case], and if a case can be argued for "negligence", or "reckless negligence", or "reckless endangerment" [if there is such an animal], can some sort of civil suit be brought by the Besettes against JFK Jr's estate?

If so, that might partly explain what seems to be an extraordinary effort by the talking heads to show that Jr. was levelheaded and not a risk-taker
john v

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