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Thu Jul 22 17:51:10 MDT 1999

I'm all for a national sales tax.  You would only be taxed when you
bought goods.  However, I'm not sure you should tax food and clothing.
These are really two basic needs for survival, well food more so than
clothing.  So the rich would pay more than the poor since they can buy
more goods and services.  Now don't get me wrong here I'm not saying
stick it to the rich, but they usually have more expensive stuff and
thus would end up paying more taxes.  A national sales tax would be more
of a voluntary tax if you didn't tax food and clothing.

Now as far as the drug problem goes I think it should be legalized.  I
know I'll get flamed for saying that, but what we are doing right now is
not working.  We pump billions and billions of money into fighting the
war on drugs and where has it gotten us?  You legalize and then tax the
hell out of it.  Now I'm not saying that this is the answer to the
problem, but what we are doing right now isn't either.  We have to try
something new and I think this may be the answer.   Alcohol and nicotine
are legal, but pot isn't.  That doesn't make any sense to me when
alcohol and nicotine are far worse and more addictive than marijuana.

Dennis Putnam, Jr.

Carl William Spitzer wrote:

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>      A plan for change.  Authors email included for comment.
>      And potential new member.                         CWSIV
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>      wolfeyes  <wolfeyes at cdsnet>
>           A sales tax levies a tax on ALL consumer sales.  A flat
>      tax  levies a tax only on declared income -- and that  leads
>      us  back to square one, and keeps the f---ing IRS and  their
>      audits  and  their forfeiture operations  in  business.   If
>      that's what you want, support a flat tax.
>           I am a Financial Consultant professionally.  Every  one
>      of  my  8500 + clients procures undeclared  and  untraceable
>      income to avoid the current tax bite.  I know that.
>           The  so-called low-income people supplement  their  de-
>      clared income from all sources, including the earned  income
>      tax  credit, yard maintenance, untraceable income  from  all
>      kinds  of private buy-sell ventures, to house  cleaning,  to
>      you-name-it.  Prostitution and drug dealing are included.
>           The only traceable (and taxable) income comes from 1099
>      and  W-2 declared income forms submitted to the  IRS.   That
>      means the only taxpayers in America are those who work for a
>      bonafide employer "above the table"  and those self-employed
>      persons  who receive form 1099 from their contractors.   The
>      system is broken and undeniably unfair.
>           The sales tax has the advantage of evenly taxing  those
>      who  earn  income from any source whatsoever, be it  on  the
>      table or under it, at the time they spend those earnings.
>           You folks need to be cognizant of the vast  underground
>      economy  that  has grown in direct proportion  to  increased
>      income  and  property taxes.  The illicit drug  business  by
>      itself  does  billions of transactions  annually,  producing
>      billions of dollars of untaxed and untraceable income  annu-
>      ally,  and  no flat tax will take a penny from  it.   That's
>      wrong.
>           What  good does a mound of money do?  You can sleep  on
>      it, but a good mattress is better.  You can burn it to  keep
>      you  warm for one night.   It only becomes material when  it
>      is  spent,  and it is at the consumption point  when  a  tax
>      should  be  imposed.  A flat tax keeps the IRS  in  business
>      looking  for  undeclared  income.   That's  stupid,  and  it
>      maintains the status quo.
>           The vast majority of "low-income" people Silver  refers
>      to  are  low income only on paper.  Believe me,  they  don't
>      really  live  on the declared income shown  on  their  1040.
>      Think  about  it.  Only those who are  truly  physically  or
>      mentally disabled are the ones who are incapable of  earning
>      more than they declare, and it is those who are in the  most
>      need of our help.
>           If  all United States and foreign income that is  spent
>      on  all  forms of consumption, whether  it  be  investments,
>      college  education, donations or any other form of  expendi-
>      ture  whatsoever, were taxed at the same rate, the level  of
>      sales  tax would probably be no greater than 8%.   The  fact
>      is,  the  flat tax would impose a greater tax  overall  than
>      what  is  currently collected annually, and that is  why  so
>      many politicians favor it.  Don't trust the flat taxers.
>           Carl F. Worden
>           Liaison & Intelligence Officer
>           Southern Oregon Militia
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